Wedding days are always beautiful and generally perfect no matter what!

But sometimes they can be a little overwhelming and you're always on the go! The day starts off fairly relaxed and easy going, but come time to get the hair and make-up done, everything then becomes very scheduled!

Here's a very general timeline of events!

1-2pm - Hair/Make-up & getting ready photos
3pm - Ceremony
3.30pm - Congratulations and family and friend photos
4.00pm - Photographer takes wedding party for photos
5.00pm - Couple portraits
5.45pm - Reception walk-in
6.00pm - Speeches
6.45pm - Dinner
7.30 - Cake cutting and first dance
7.40 - Father/Daughter Dance

And sometimes, things just don't go as planned and we just go with however things unfold on the day.

There may be times where you're feeling a bit anxious about getting back to your guests when we are away doing wedding party photos and couple portraits.

My advice: make sure you take time relax. Enjoy the quieter time when we take couple photos and remember that your guests are all there to support you and they don't mind waiting while we make some beautiful memories together.

If you're looking for an option to take some pressure off, a fancy dress shoot after your wedding might be something to consider.

Basically, we choose a date after your wedding, you guys get all dressed up in your wedding dress and suit and we find a location and just take some relaxed and fun photos together to celebrate you with the stress and timelines.

This is exactly what I did with Em and Nadine. I promised them on their wedding day that we'd get some golden hour photos at a later date (not that their original wedding photos on the day weren't amazing!)

We had an absolute blast getting these Wedding 2.0 Photos the other week and we got some amazing shots to add to their wedding album!