Those first couple of hazy days...

It is always an honour and a privilege to be asked to take Fresh48 photos to document those first few days of you and the new tiny human you made. It's a time filled with many emotions of joy, triumph, love, healing, learning and growing as a mother, as parents. All though the craziness of postpartum hormones and sleep deprivation.

You will want to remember these moments. The tiny details. Those little hairy shoulders and wrinkly feet, because they grow and change so much in those first few weeks.

Fresh48 sessions are designed to be taken in the first 48 hours after birth. They are usually done when you're still in hospital in daylight hours. Sessions are kept short (Maximum 30 minutes) so you and baby are able to rest and adjust to your new life together.

Your babes are not handled by me. It's all about documenting the love and connection between you both.

If you would like to preserve some moments from the first few days of your babies life, I would absolutely love to help you.



30 Min Fresh48 Session

Includes 15+ edited, high resolutions images, uploaded to a secure, online gallery for download.

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Do I need permission from the hospital?

In almost all cases, photographers will treated as regular visitors so it’s generally okay. Check the COVID- 19 Restrictions and Guidelines with HNE Health or Doctor or Midwife if you are unsure.

When should I contact you to come?

As soon as you go into labour or, get dad to send me a message once baby has arrived.
If you are having a scheduled induction or c-section, let me know as soon as you have a date!

What happens if my baby has to go to special care or NICU?

We can reschedule to do an in-home, lifestyle session when everyone is back at home and settled. Or we can apply the session fee to do an outdoor shoot a bit later down the track (within 3 months)