Your life has just changed forever and it’s the perfect time to capture those first bonding moments that you’ll never experience with this little human again. This time is sacred and special for every family, and being entrusted to document and preserve your happiness and wonder is one of the most incredible parts of my job. I’ll capture the connection between you and bub without interference or unnecessary direction. The first few days of your child’s life are precious and something to look back on and remember, ‘We made that!’


Do I need permission from the hospital?

In most cases, photographers are treated as regular visitors in hospitals, so it's generally okay to have a session. However, it's always recommended to check the COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines with HNE Health or consult with your doctor or midwife to ensure a smooth and safe experience.

When should I contact you to come?

Please reach out to me as soon as you go into labour or have your baby. Alternatively, you can ask your partner to send me a message once the baby has arrived. If you have a scheduled induction or C-section, let me know as soon as you have a date so we can plan accordingly.induction or c-section, let me know as soon as you have a date!

What happens if my baby has to go to special care or NICU?

If your baby needs to go to special care or NICU, we can reschedule the session to a later date when everyone is back at home and settled. Alternatively, we can apply the session fee as a credit towards an outdoor shoot or a newborn session later on (within 3 months). If your baby needs extra special attention when they arrive, the last thing I want you worrying about is your photoshoot.