The clothes you wear usually reflect your personality and style, however certain colours, clothing styles and patterns sometimes don't come up well in photos. I'm happy to help guide you with clothing selections for your upcoming session to ensure everything is perfect!

If you're looking for some inspiration, take a look at the colours and styles clients are wearing in my previous sessions!

Outfit Coordination

Coordinating your families outfits so that the colours and styles you are wearing is important. This does not mean matching outfits! You want to complement each other’s outfits by choosing colours that go nicely together.

I suggest laying everyone's outfits out to see if the colours and styles compliment each other! (Kind of like doing a flat lay)

You are very welcome to send through a picture of your outfits to me for feedback!

Neutral Colours

Neutral colours generally work best with the earthy landscapes backdrops where outdoor sessions usually take place.

Navy and light blues, olive greens and mustard yellows also tend to come up well.

Florals and Gingham

Usually, I advise staying away from highly patterned outfits, however, floral/gingham patterned clothing is absolutely fine!

Colours that generally work well in photos together

Things to avoid
  • Matchy matchy outfits.
  • All Black items (charcole gray or brown is the darkest I'd suggest going)
  • Branded clothing with large logos
  • Fluro or really bright colours
  • Highly patterned clothing (floral items are fine)
  • Clothing that may become uncomfortable
  • Short dresses on toddlers (Nappy can sometimes become visible in our fun action shots)

Client Wardrobe

Bird and Kite Bridget Dress - Size 8-12. Bump and breast feeding friendly.