Winter Location Guide


One of the most important elements of each session is the location. It’s the anchor point around which everything else is organised. It’s how you decide what to wear. It’s what I refer to before I start planning out poses and prompts. It sets the stage, the vibe, and the theme. The locations in this guides are places I've been to often and know the lighting and the land well! How lucky are we in Inverell to be surrounded by such beautiful landscapes. I've narrowed down my selection of locations during the winter season due to the position of the sun.

I love a location with lots of variety to ensure we capture a wide range of images. Below are some of my fav locations, or if you have somewhere special in mind, I’ll follow you anywhere.

Travel fees may apply*

Depending on who’s coming to the shoot, we may have some logistics to consider. For any shoots with expectant mums, little kids, people with mobility impairments, or the elderly, let’s not pick anywhere that requires clambering over giant boulders or hiking up a mountain!

Enjoy having a browse through these gorgeous spots and send me a message when you've decided where you'd like to have your session.

Leigh xx

Old Bundarra Road

Why I like it: Western facing grassy paddocks overlooking the ridges and gullies of Inverell, this is a little gem of a spot offers an array beautiful scenery for your session!

Accessibility: Approx 4km out of town. Suitable to all session types.

Goonoowigall State Reserve

Why I like it: Textured and rocky backgrounds. There's some high up places (easy to get to) that make for stunning photos! Usually water laying around to get creative with reflections.

Accessibility. About 5 mins out of town. Rocky and sometimes slippery which might not be ideal for toddlers or people with mobility issues.